Friday, January 28, 2011

The Midnight Post.

 As I lay here and bed and wonder about my life and what I need to change or make better, of course a billion things come into my head at one time.

Starting with I WILL NEVER LET MY HUSBAND GO ON AN OVER NIGHT TRIP AGAIN!.... (It's sooo lonely.) Thinking about that thought I realized how Ben has sacrificed leaving home and his family to go off to work so that we can keep moving forward. As I was thinking about that I had to text him and wake him up from his long working day and tell him he's the most amazing guy out there and he is the man I always dreamed about marrying as I grew up.

Secondly, I NEED TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER! I need to better myself, read my scriptures every night, say my prayers throughout the day, go visit the temple on a weekly bases, and become closer to my heavenly father.

and last, I LOVE MY FAMILY & FRIENDS! You guys mean the world to us and we love you!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Things I want to do in 2011:
  •  Be the best wife I could possibly be
  •  Eat healthy
  •  Get back down to my NORMAL weight...
  •  Get a house
  •  Go back to school
  •  Have a baby.. Just Kiddinggg!
  •  Go to the TEMPLE<3
  •  Become closer to my Heavenly Father
  •  Be the best person I can possilbly be!
  •  Not judge.


I've broke down and made a blogspot, honestly I never thought I would. 
Well where to start...  over the past week Ben and I have been meaning to pack and move (since we have to be out by saturday) but we have been so busy with work it seems impossible! Maybe we will get around to it tomorrow, maybe not! I'm SO excited to move into a house and get our lifes settled down and get back to school! Ohh, I'm also so excited to decorate a new place :)