Friday, January 28, 2011

The Midnight Post.

 As I lay here and bed and wonder about my life and what I need to change or make better, of course a billion things come into my head at one time.

Starting with I WILL NEVER LET MY HUSBAND GO ON AN OVER NIGHT TRIP AGAIN!.... (It's sooo lonely.) Thinking about that thought I realized how Ben has sacrificed leaving home and his family to go off to work so that we can keep moving forward. As I was thinking about that I had to text him and wake him up from his long working day and tell him he's the most amazing guy out there and he is the man I always dreamed about marrying as I grew up.

Secondly, I NEED TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER! I need to better myself, read my scriptures every night, say my prayers throughout the day, go visit the temple on a weekly bases, and become closer to my heavenly father.

and last, I LOVE MY FAMILY & FRIENDS! You guys mean the world to us and we love you!

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